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Step 1: Assessment
Based on your needs, we can provide educational forums on proper battery maintenance and methods to decrease downtimes associated with charging.
Step 2: Service
Technology Solutions
Whether it is a new battery you want to shield, or an old battery you want to recover, RenuVolt Technologies allows your batteries to operate at close to manufacturer's 100% capacity.

RenuVolt Technologies uses electrochemical sulphate reversion to restore lost capacity to your industrial batteries. 

Read more about our patent here.
Should you choose to join as our client, we lend you industrial batteries for your fleet while our technicians set up the equipment including a myriad set of parameters including pulse amperage, sequence timing, and electrolyte temperature. 

To give comfort of mind to our clients and their fleets, we offer an iron-clad warranty and are at your service 100% of the time.
High quality and 100% client satisfaction are our top priorities.
Step 3: Implementation
RenuVolt's team will provide municipal governments and corporations with an assessment of their fleet's current capacities and performance efficiencies.  
Step 4: Tracking
Step 5: Warranty
Once the process is completed across your fleet, we will also implement unit-specific tracking to show the increased efficiencies associated with our technology.